About Merlgwen

In the mid 70’s, we had just lost our pet to old age and in my search for a puppy, I met my first Bullmastiffs. The puppies were adorable and the way the momma established her watchful tolerance yet protective attitude as I played with her puppies, left a lasting memory. For some reason, I went on searching and found another breed of puppy, but remembered the Bullmastiffs. So, in 1991, when that great family pet was also lost to old age, I deliberately sought out a Bullmastiff puppy for us. I’ve had a Bullmastiff ever since.

That first Bullmastiff, Merlin, was everything I expected from my memory and so much more. He was a playmate for the children, their giant protector, and a dedicated guardian of the family.

However, he had no interest in being a show dog. After a few attempts at showing in AKC Confirmation, I gave in to his preference to be the family dog. Not unexpectedly, after having gotten a taste of the show scene, I found my first show dog; a female, Gwen. She was from the same line as Merlin and went on to earn her AKC Championship. As my first Bullmastiff, Merlin’s name became the first part of the new kennel name; Gwen added the second part. Thus in 1995, Merlgwen Bullmastiffs came to be.

I am a member in good standing of the American Bullmastiff Association (ABA), the Bullmastiff Fanciers of Canada (BFC), the SouthEast Bullmastiff Association (SEBA), the Sunshine States Bullmastiff Club (SSBC), the All-Breed Chattanooga Kennel Club, and the All-Breed North Georgia Kennel Club.

My Bullmastiffs are  shown in AKC and BFC Conformation events.  I actively support my club events through sponsorship and personal participation.